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Credence Inspection Services’ pre-shipment inspection gave us confidence in the quality of our products before shipment. Their detailed report helped us identify and resolve any issues, ensuring smooth transactions with our clients.

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During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection (DUPRO), also known as in-process inspection, involves monitoring and evaluating the quality of products at various stages of the manufacturing process. It aims to detect and address any issues or deviations from quality standards before they escalate.

Conducted at the Stage of 40% – 60% production

Thorough Inspection of Semi Finished & Finshed goods

Gives Scope to have correction in the Shipment.

Parameters Covered in Inspection

Quantity check
Product description
Labelling &
Inner packing
Packing/ Packaging

Why Choose During Production Inspection?

During production inspection allows you to:

  • Monitor the quality of products in real-time, enabling prompt intervention and corrective actions if needed.

  • Ensure that production processes are running smoothly and efficiently, minimizing the risk of defects and delays.

  • Maintain consistency and compliance with quality standards throughout the production cycle, enhancing overall product quality and customer satisfaction.

Specifications of DUPRO

Credence Inspection Services During production inspection services include:

  • Inspection of product samples at different stages of production for quality, functionality, and adherence to specifications.

  • Evaluation of production processes, including equipment performance, workflow efficiency, and adherence to quality control procedures.

  • Generation of detailed inspection reports with findings, analysis, and recommendations for process improvement.

Quality Assurance Check

DPI ensures that quality standards are maintained during the manufacturing process by identifying and addressing any issues or defects early on, thus preventing them from affecting the final product.

DPI usually takes place when a significant portion of the manufacturing process has been completed but before the final product is finished, allowing for timely intervention if any issues are detected.

If any issues or defects are found during DPI, immediate corrective actions are taken to rectify the problem and prevent further production of defective products. This may involve reworking the affected items, adjusting processes, or implementing other corrective measures as necessary.

Importance of DUPRO

It helps to verify if the goods are manufactured as per the customer requirement.
Early deduction of non-conformance enables rework of the products at the right time.
It helps to identify and rectify the potential shipment delays and quality failures.
Avoid huge monetary loss on rework of goods at the end of the production.

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